Sheriffs' Association of Texas


Victoria County Sheriff's Office (CID Sergeant Investigator Position)


POSITION: CID Sergeant Investigator

General Statement of Duties: Provide follow-up investigations on crimes initially reported to the patrol function or of any crime as directed by a supervisor; general law enforcement services to those within the jurisdictional limits of the agency; Preserve public peace; Protect life; Protect property; Prevent crime; Protect the constitutional rights of all persons encountered or arrested; Formally advise all suspects of their rights as assured by U.S. Constitution, and upon request provide those rights accordingly; Provide equal protection for all; Use legally appropriate force and only when necessary to effect a lawful end; Enforce the laws of the state and other applicable ordinances; Arrive to work at a specified time in regulation attire, unless otherwise instructed; Protect persons and property that may come under your charge or custody; Be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to perform all required duties; Remain on duty and fully conscious until the expiration of the shift, and/or relieved by a supervisor; Maintain a clean and professional appearance while on duty unless an investigation merits otherwise as approved by a supervisor; Complete, and turn in all reports and necessary paperwork in a time frame as set by the unit supervisor; Maintain sensitivity and provide equality to all races, religions, sexes, and cultural groups; Establish and maintain positive, effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, other agencies, and the public; Attend and complete all required training and demonstrations of proficiency; Establish and maintain liaison with local, county, state, federal agencies, and public officials; & Abide by all lawful policies and procedures, orders, and instructions issued by superiors of Victoria County Sheriff’s Office.


Investigators perform a critical role in how we are perceived and supported by the public. Their case assignment may become the focus of national attention as well as our own local community scrutiny. Investigators are assigned to a variety of duties. Many of the duties they perform are not assigned but are voluntarily addressed without hesitation. Some of these duties are telephonic request for assistance from various local, state, and federal agencies; giving advice to first responders in the field on specific types of cases; being on call formally and informally and responding to calls; speaking with citizens who come to our agency for assistance.

In addition to the general duties required, Investigators will perform the following specific duties. Deviations from the duties within this job description are subject to the prior written approval of the CID Lieutenant or the Division Captain. The investigator will:

1. Follow up and investigate assigned cases to completion or until all efforts to reach a successful conclusion have been exhausted;
2. Examine and evaluate case evidence; Protect crime scenes
3. Prepare written detailed reports;
4. Interview victims, witnesses and interrogate suspects;
5. Present cases to the District Attorney and Grand Jury;
6. Manage and prioritize case assignments;
7. Appear in court and testify in the prosecution of violators regardless of degree of initial investigative participation;
8. Be available for on call status.
9. Respond to supervisory orders without unnecessary delay;
10. Exercise direct command and control of the personnel placed in their charge;
11. Plan for and accomplish agency objectives within the context of the unit responsibilities when so requested;
12. Support other agency operations upon request;
13. Enforce agency policies and procedures;
14. Insure cleanliness, serviceability, and accountability of equipment assigned to them;
15. Support command decisions;
16. Make recommendations for change through the chain of command;
17. Perform the basic work of a law enforcement officer when manpower needs require;
18. Insure personal appearance, equipment, and grooming reflects favorably upon their unit;
19. Advise their Lieutenant of observed activity of personnel needing possible corrective action;

20. Report to the CID Lieutenant inaccurate, incomplete reports submitted by patrol that could hinder the follow up aspect of their case;
21. Proceed to and oversee control of scenes, until relieved by a higher authority, such as:
a. Serious crimes or accidents, &
b. Unusual or emergency situations;
22. Be familiar with streets and building locations within the jurisdiction;
23. Safely operate an unmarked vehicle; conduct searches and seizures; arrest violators.
24. Serve on agency committees and boards when requested; &
25. Perform other duties that may be assigned by their Lieutenant or Division Captain.


1. Possess an Intermediate Level Peace Officer Certificate from TCOLE.
2. A minimum of two [2] years of field experience as a patrol officer or higher rank in law enforcement;
3. Ability to read, write, and speak the English language;
4. In Depth knowledge regarding the agency’s code of ethics, standards, and policies and procedures;
5. Be familiar with laws and procedures regarding search and seizure.
6. Demonstrate computer skills including but not limited to Microsoft Office Suite (products)
7. Demonstrate leadership ability to direct personnel and manage programs related to their assignment;
8. Able to independently exercise common sense and good judgment under pressure;
9. In lieu of these qualifications, a combination of other training and experience may be considered.

Submit any questions to: Rex Mayes (Enforcement Division)

Submit complete application packet to Lt. Pat Aitchison Training Victoria County Sheriff’s Office

VCSO personnel must submit a Supplemental Employment Application, resume, TCOLE training records and a Promotion/Transfer Eligibility form containing supervisor recommendation/approval

Closing Date: March 16th, 2017 at 12 Noon.